Like a Box of Chocolates

Ok, so maybe it’s too early in this little blog’s life to be resorting to cliches, but it’s true: I’m downtown several times a week, and when you’re there, like the infamous box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. I guess Victoria can have a reputation for being on the staid side, but I don’t buy it – there’s always something new and interesting going on down there. Like this past Saturday, when I was heading to brunch, and all of a sudden a cop on a motorcycle commandeered an intersection. Quickly realizing he was blocking it off for a group of bikers, you think ‘some sort of marathon is taking place.’ Until said bikers continue past, and they’re all dressed like it’s 1920.

I’ve since learned this was the now annual Tweed Ride, where 350 bikers got together to raise money for charity while making the city a little more dapper in the process. There’s a great 1st person account on gillian’s island, a fun local blog. I’m kind of an avid pedestrian and I’ve never owned a car, but these people look like they’re having so much fun it makes me want to run out and get a bike.